Friday, January 11, 2008


WoW gets to be an unusual game at times. As BRK is fond of saying, "The game is just a game but the people in it are not." At least I think that's what he says or something close to it. I left my guild the other night and last night our pally friend left our 3v3 team after a disappointing run at things.

I was GM once and that flavoring could have easily been right for me except that with wife and child I don't have the time to do it properly... something I learned after I started the guild. Sigh... sorry Legendary.

New guild, new friends and old time fun.

Last night after our 3v3 and some discussion on Noobed and I's parts, he decided to quit baiting me to blow up and I decided to quit talking. Both were good decisions as things with Noobed and I can get heated.

I am trolling around doing dailies on Herk and looking at friends list and spot Asa. Asa used to be Asadoornail and we used to hang in Fallen Legion. She is in a new guild now called Exodus which is symbolic half or so of the people who left Fallen Legion. Asa and I didn't do too much together since she was 70 and I was 60-65, but we both went to help in Nagrand to kill that son of Gruul who was walking around. After two failed attempts, I took over and started /y in Nagrand since 10 people showed up and we couldn't raid the quest.

Apparently, using sex as a metaphor for how you need to slow down DPS not only wins friends and influences people; it doesn't get you banned cuz people thought it was funny. I was getting the random /w for about 3 days from people telling me they were in Nagrand when that happened and couldn't stop laughing.

So this guild is casual raiding... this is what I need right now I swear. I need a place where I can get my PvP done, play my Druid or Shammy and go play Herk when it is fun to do so.

We started last night with a bang. Herk went prot for 10/5/46 to do a Heroic instance after Connor was asleep. I LOVED IT. Not sure when the instances became fun for me again but it was probably around the time I did Sunken Temple on the druid.

I am looking forward to tanking and healing. That said, I have enough G to switch to Arms for the Arena team when I need to. Here's hoping Herk found a home.

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