Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'll post pics later...

Druid love post!

I am playing a lv 61 balance druid... the Doomkin (I really like BOOMkin better tho)

I am getting ravager eggs when bam... stunlock and stab stab stabity stab stab happens. There is this little Gnome rogue locking me up... I really can't do much and I am starting to die ><

Finally, a moment and I cast my trees and he stuns me again... I may have gotten off 1 Moonfire but no more than that and the one I did was not a crit.

Now I am still getting stabbed but my trees are going to work... and this rogue DIES!! 1 moonfire and the trees and he was dead. I laughed and laughed... called my wife in and laughed some more. She says... you gonna kill him again? I always deliver receipts for ganks if of same level! I go cat and stealth and crawl off to the side and wait for him to rez. You see... he almost had me but was killed by my TREES... he is coming back!

There he is ... I let him finish bandaging and /cast Starfire... 2100 crit /cast the flies /cast moonfire and here he goes... sprinting away... /roots! /cast Starfire gets interrupted?! Stupid NELF hunter. Cast trees at hunter and root his pet... rogue thinks he is gonna carve some laser turkey now... /moonfire x2 with a crit equals delusional rogue.

Turn to hunter who is not trying to get away from trees... root his pet again for good measure. /cast flies /cast moonfire x2 with a 1k crit and dead hunter. whew... pan around...

GNOME MAGE!!! incoming >.<

/shift to cat and speed burst equals gone Druid and I get a little ways away and /stealth.
Creep back up on mage and wait for it, wait for it.

Moonfire, flies, pot, innervate, wrath wrath wrath, moonfire moonfire and dead mage! More laughter... Rogue pops up just as mage dies and gets killed again by moi... at which time the hunter rezzes and my trees are back... stomping a mudhole into him with moonfires going off like mad.

It was one of the best times I have had in PvP.

P.S. I logged after all that... 1) It wasnt getting any better that night. 2) I so woulda been killed and camped had I stayed anywhere near Hellfire. I woulda had to go quest in Silithus.

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