Sunday, January 6, 2008

We made it!! again!?

Here's Sugars and I bout to step on through to the other side®.

So early on Sat I had family time and when I log on around 3pm I see Sugars at lv 57! Woot! I say he has caught up!!

(See, I quit playing Aerthson for a week to allow him to catch up so we could hit up Hellfire same time and kick it's ass.)

And I says to him, "How far to 58?" n he says " 30k away!" n I says "MOTHER()$#)ER"

See I left Aerth chilling at 1k into 57. I know Sugars is laughing at me now... this will never do.

Sugars, "I gotta run get some work done before I leave. Where are you at now?"

me, "GO TO HELL! I'm 30k in!"

Sugars, "LOL I'll wait for ya!"

me, " F(*K OFF!"

/log off Sugars

Ok, I have an 1 ½ hours I think...

/log on Sugars

Sugars, "Drive home sucked. All I gotta do is drop these two quests off and ding. Don't worry I'll wait on ya!"

Me, "You do this quest yet?"

Sugars, "eh?"

Me, "DING! MOTHERF(*CKER! In your face!!)

Sugars, " I knew that was going to happen!! F(*KING WORK!"

(This has all be dramatized but it happened pretty much like this!)

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