Friday, February 1, 2008

The Sandwich

So anyone who as been reading the blog knows that I now have both pieces of bread for any wow sandwich I wish.

Herk the warrior (Prot atm)
Aerthson the Druid (Balance atm)

If there is an instance I wanna see or due, I have the bread covered.

I really enjoy doing instance with Aerthson. I am new to healing through instances and it makes the game new and fun for me. With that new enjoyment from the Druid, I went back to tanking on Herk throughout the week and found I liked just as well.

Now I am tanking and healing through 5 mans and there is tons of fun stuff to talk about for me.

First up... the *shudder* effect.

DPS might not be simple but you know what you have to do... kick the sh!t out of something once you know it won't/can't kick the sh!t out of you!

Tanking is slightly tougher in that tanks have to try and grab aggro and maintain it. Tanking can be easy or hard but it does require awareness. I have played 2 hunters now and found that to play DPS of the party is like watching the game from the couch. Sure you can go MAX dps , you may even have to spring into action for a trap or 2 or maybe a silencing shot! But these things happens if a) the tank can't tank the mob, b) has lost aggro (see a), or c) all hell breaks loose (Again see a&b).

What I am saying is there are 3 parts to a party.


Sure you can change it up and make it look different but it still has the same motif.

Druid (Feral) Tank or DPS
Druid (Balance) DPS or Healing
Druid (Restoration) Healing or some DPS, no tanking.

Warrior (Arms) Tanking or DPS
Warrior (Fury) DPS or Tanking
Warrior (Prot) Tanking or why the hell are you here?

So you are either 1 of 3 things. A tank, DPS or a healer.

But what about Hybrids?!

Shaman = DPS/Healer/Laughable Tank
Paladin = Tank/Healer/Laughable DPS
Druid= All 3 equally depending on spec (Is this a Blizzard balance issue?)
Warrior = Tank/DPS
Priest = Healer/DPS
Warlock = DPS
Mage= DPS
Rogue= DPS

See the sandwich and your part?

DPS does have specialty branches... CC types, offhealers, offtanks... off this off that. You get the picture.

The *shudder* effect starts to happen when you "know" the role a toon has in an instance personally and you know they don't know... *shudder*

It's like seeing the DPS/Healer not Heal cuz he is busy with DPS. WELL THE FURY WARRIOR AINT CAPABLE Shammy! You have to off heal! I don't wanna hear about your DPS!

It's like seeing a CC/DPS pulling with only to CC 2 mobs and there are 5. ARE YOU THE TANK?!

It's like a black fly in your chardonnay!

It's like seeing a TANK pull too many when he only has a Pally healer!

It's 10k spoons when all you need is a knife!

But the biggest *shudder* for me atm is seeing a tank... on a boss... and not seeing SUNDER on the boss... /smack!

It's like having to constantly keep the TANK less than 1/2 fool cuz the rogue don't know when to back off or drop aggro.

I don't when they got the idea that dodging attacks = tanking... musta played FF too much I s'pose.

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