Monday, February 18, 2008

AV weekend is over for me


That was a lot of grinding on the druid for me. I got Bracers, Boots and am halfway to Belt. I can soon started getting the S1 stuff that will make my toon look like something other than a hobo.

Herk has enough points to get a piece but needs a few more tokens.

What else you ask? Let's pretend you asked, k?

I farmed 20 Netherweb Silk for Sugars.

We got him a Bringer of Death.

Sugars got her Bracers and made herself some really purple epic shoulders.

Also!!! 305 fishing for Aerthson!! Woot!!

BGs are still the suck. Horde is having issues in my BG group and Ally don't play unless it's a premade >.<

Sederasha (Wife's hunter) is level 42 and moving. Pretty soon we will be helping her in Outland :)

The 3rd toon... just aint gonna happen for a while. I have to get Aerthson his gear and Herk the rest of his.

Anyone else get the massive Honor Point grind in?

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