Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good God a Magic reference!!

That is a great game there! I had some great fun playing that when it first came out but god what a money sink!

I was not particularly good at it nor was I bad at it. This was before my Uber Defeat WC3. The WC3 defeat was bad all... very very bad. I really need to make a name specifically for how bad my ass was handed back to me by the hands of Noobed.

I destroyed everyone in WC3 in a group of friends I had. I did this mainly by being able to have 4-5 bases going all at the same time. I was deadly with the Zerg in Starcraft. My friends good have 1 base really well defended or 2 bases somewhat, but they were not capable of running 4-6 that all had units.

Then... I started playing against Noobed. I took him for a couple at first and then Noobed introduced me to something called the "Metagame."

For those of you still clueless as to what a Metagame is... You go online or talk with peeps (Online is best these days) and you find the strat and the game winning break downs.

Noobed does this with Sublime like style a la "I can play the Metagame like a MOTHER(#$)$# riot!"

He can read it... or he can figure it out... differences in armor and units and what trumps what. Then with said Strategy and knowing how I will play (This is known as "Let's get into it and see who is faster!") He educates me on why he is now called his Noobed Holiness.

It was bad... one whole Saturday of defeat after defeat with him laughing on the phone at me...

But... back to Magic... the same thing happened. Noobed used to head down to New Orleans and play in tournaments... usually completely smashed and on some kinda painkiller... He grew out of it don't worry!

He would go down there and comeback with prizes >.<

So I am over at his apartment next to his dreaded Circle K and I take my first turn and hand the over to him and he wins.

I shit you not... he won on one turn all of it legal.

I really should take his advice more often but I just can't!

Rogue or Lock?! Jeez.. Did you have to pick THE two I discounted already?!

What about you guys? Rogue or Lock?

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  1. I think you are really talented to write your story here. I am too lazy to share my stories in my blogger.