Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The thing about Melvin

Ok, I ran 5v5 with Melvin and crew last night.

He and his group were gracious enough to let me run with Herk and Aerthson so I can get some points. Noobed let me know and they gave me the team invite.

Now, Noobed says I have to do a Melvin post. This may or may not be the post which Noobed is looking for.

I have not played with Melvin much 2x and some chat in Shadowmoon and I do NOT know him well at all.

Observations on Melvin and Noobed

Melvin is all inclusive.

He let us play in his 5v5 without making our gear a requirement. A winning combo? Not at all. But Melvin's logic is that with enough people with gear they can start to put together a style but the gear grind is most important right now.

Noobed is inclusive with fit throwing

Noobed is a difficult guy to read at times. He wants you to play with him and he wants you to play his way. We all do and say dumb stuff and Noobed is there to point it out... again and again... and again! BUT, he knows his stuff. He knew the best way to gear a toon which I didn't realize til after I had geared Herk the opposite way. In the long run, gear does matter and there are several ways to gear a toon and Noobed's system of getting the 3 piece PvP set of Bracers/Belt/Boots first is the better.

Melvin while being inclusive DOES make funny statements in arena!

"That Pally counted as 2 people"

I see where he is coming from since we had no hunter to sting and no mana burn. Killing a decked pally is rough on 3 warr 1 sham and 1 mage... er wait a tic.

We face a team last night that was 3 hunters and 2 locks. That was 5v10 for me, so I can really see the point of Melvin's statement about the pally.

Now, while Melvin is being inclusive, I don't know how many of his statements are just thrown out there for encouragment or cuz it just don't matter. Like when he tells the Prot Spec warrior who is undergeared...

"It's ok to go after the Pally cuz they are healers too."

I thought to myself YIKES!! But, once again, he let my just hit 70 on Sun non epic having Druid onto his team for points and didn't ask that I be good or that I pay him gold.

Did he do so outta the kindness of his heart? Who knows... imo, he is making investements now for payoff later and is ok with the lackluster performance and lack of strategy.

This kind of play style is anathema to Noobed and it is to Noobed's credit that he doesn't freak out more often. Noobed needs stats, strats, and stamina. Stats tell him where he is, Strats telling him where he should get to and the stamina to grind. The thing that upsets him most about Melvin is the differences.

Say Noobed breaks down like this...

Stats 95 -100% He likes to know where he is in gear and what he should be able to do.
Strats 95-100% He likes to know what everyone is capable of doing and how to shut them down or when to run.
Stamina 60-70% He will grind a lot to get his stats but has no sense of comraderie while doing it and you had better be doing the same!

Melvin then breaks down to

Stats 80-90% He likes his gear and like it to be shiny and new.
Strats 20-35% Sorry Melvin, I just haven't seen it out ya.
Stamina 100% Melvin can grind like no one else. It's insane to get 40k Honor is a weekend imo.

Its these differences where the burlap meets the bikini wax area for those two.


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