Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The other side!

He's right... I still have a lot to learn with the healing bit.


When we were doing that damn Fel Reaver I says "We gonna kite it?" He says, "Ya."
I find that damnable thing and just am flying over its head when that bastard SHAMAN decides to jump down while my bird self is 50 yards in the sky.

Added to this is the constant talk from the SHAMAN about how he "tanks like a god!" So I am already thinking this silly bastard is gonna try and tank him.

No... Rdy? No... Hey MA, No hands!!! He just lands and starts wackity wack wack.

Sugars can back me up on this.

BTW, if that bastard WARRIOR woulda turned the first boss away from the group, I wouldna had to heal the entire party through that shit >.<

I, grudgingly, got the respect back after no one dies on that Inciter bastard!

Not to mention... Majeure was a big reason we didn't die any. He does kite very well and his DPS is sick for Frost spec.

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  1. "We gonna kite it?"
    What does it really mean? I didn't catch it!