Thursday, February 14, 2008

Having 2 makes it funner I swear... What for the 3rd tho?!

Having Alts makes the game funner for me.

I got burnt on Herk. Playing him to 70 and then grinding his gear ad nauseum (at least to me it was) was too much. I started playing my Druid cuz he was lv 40 already from like 2 years ago and I knew he would be easy to get to 70.

Now with the new leveling xp, I know I am gonna have a 3rd just cuz I like leveling. I like playing through the game.

The problem is... I am having too much damn fun on Herk and Aerthson!

I paly Aerthson first and usually get him his 2k honor a day. By the time he has 2k honor, I am ready to go on a killing spree with Herk. It helped me a lot to know that no matter what class you play you are gonna get owned.

Also, I am working on getting gold to get the epic flyers. This is really not that hard since I quest while waiting.

Leveling the 3rd

I will not neglect my honor grind while leveling the 3rd toon. Especially since I don't know which one I want to have as a 3rd.

I would like a pure DPS class and have ruled some of the classes out.

Rogue is ruled out... cuz just no
Hunter may or may not be ruled out yet
Shaman is in the running
Mage is in the running
Pally is kinda out cuz I can tank better on Herk and I can heal better on Aerthson
Lock? Nah

Decisions decisions

Hunter, Shaman, Mage are looking like the main 3.

Hunter would level the fastest and is an Orc lv 31
Shaman is Enhance Orc and is lv 29
Mage is Frost and is lv29

HELP MEH! Probably won't decide for quite a while anyways.

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