Thursday, February 7, 2008

Instances ( A quick aside)

I leveled Herk as fast as I could with a 2-3 week stop over on Ally side because my wife began playing again and I wanted to play with her. All totaled Herk was leveled to 70 in about 10days played.

Ok, not the fastest by any means. However, not too bad imo.

I did not do instances on Herk. I had 1-2 runthroughs and that was it.

A brief history of Aerthson. Aerthson has been around for 2 ½ years. Aerthson was started as an alt to my Tauren Hunter who would be my main. Unfortunately, I began outlevely Sugars and my wife and my friends and only Noobed kept up. Finally, ended up quitting the Horde toon to go back to my raiding Dwarf Warrior. His total play time to 70 will be at the 12 day mark.

I did a bunch of instances on Aerthson. I should have done them on Herk too. Next time I level a toon, the toon will be doing instances. Instance give really good XP, make contacts, make avoidances and have a good shot at a gear upgrade.

I think the Shaman is the one I am most likely to play next. Why another toon? To catch up with my wife so I can play with her of course.

Also, with the gear reset closing in... I have neither the time nor the inclination to go after Tier gear on this expansion.

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