Friday, February 22, 2008

Killing the Hunter Moonkin Style

So I read BRK's and was moved to mention that I have had my Dwarf Warrior but handed to me by the BRK...

Last time was in Auchiundon... er I dunno how spell that.

He had gotten his snake trap and I had gotten my spell reflect and I remember being somewhat trounced. I say somewhat cuz I think he was kinda low on health when he killed me but we are talking over a year ago now.


I can kill hunters as a Moonkin but right now my armor is crap against what I face in BGs cuz Aerthson is still grinding honor for teh welfare... another thing... welfare my ass... I go through just as many wipes as PvE I assure you.

I am in AB guarding stables. I am a big happy on Defense. If I can get behind a geard warrior... he becomes a wrecking ball.

Really quick... I still hate the same classes... Frost mages and Rogues... as a Druid. WTH?

Back to the stables... Here comes the hunter... runs up and Shadowmelds while I am casting roots. Roots still take effect and I run off behind the shed with the kitty. No pun intended.
Running behind the shed allows me to actually sleep the kitty without that hunter drilling me up to the fletchings.

Pet is asleep... Hunter is somewhere... Rooted? Who knows. I stack LB and Rejuv and go back in Moonking (Natural Shapeshifter ftw) and start drinking.

/sleep pet
find hunter
run from silencing shot
Here comes the pet
/Nature's grasp
Run around the hut again
Pet is rooted
Silencing shot is up...

It's time

Wait for it
/Starfire (3500 crit)
/Wrath (920)
/Moonfire (1337 crit)
/Wrath (1900 crit)
/Insect swarm

Run behind building outta LOS

/Cyclone pet
/Moonfire crit!

Dead hunter.

Hunters are LOS folks. Get a building and make them dance around it. Laugh at their pet when they are MM.

Rogues... I hate them... must heal through their Cooldowns and then you have them. IF you can heal through their Cooldowns.


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