Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Top 10 Warrior Tanking List

10) Charging at the wrong time in the wrong situation

Charging can be done in an instance granting that there are no other mobs around any where near aggro range. Other than that, its a "pull" situation. Warriors... sometimes it's ok to have a gun just based on the stats, but if you are forgetful of stocking up on ammo like I am, go for the thrown weapons.

9) Thunderclap breaks sheep people!

Granted that the mob was already sheeped! Sure you charge into 4 things and want the aggro gen, but pull them back from the sheep and then TC em.

8) Pull back into the other room already!

If you have groups like I do, the group hovers around your ass til you /y at them to back up into the other room. This is just a good practice no matter if the mobs fear, have knockback or like to sheep you with you then sheepwalking into the other mobs. I have seen the latter happen.

7) You are not there to tank 1 and only 1 mob. You tank 3 minimum given the mobs.

I know... you are lv67 and I am just a healer. Don't make me pull my warrior and show you how to tank! It is possible to tank a full 4 with a warrior. No its not as easy as with a Druid Bear or a Pally (I have Consecrate) tankadin. If anyone wants the post where I actually outline how to do this... you have to leave a comment!

6) Marking!

You mark... its your job. Period. Times you don't mark... in a raid and you are not the raid leader and if you are noob to an instance and someone has been there on 2 toons already.

5) Target Marking!

Listen... you sheep Melee with high armor and kill them last. You sheep casters that have a fear effect or kill them first... where do you kill these? in the last F'ing room is where... yanno.. the one that is cleared already! You line of sight (LOS) pull casters and shooters. This means you hit them with a ranged and duck behind a colum or some such to pull them... where?... into the last damn room! Quit causing wipes!

4) Your Skull

3) Pay attention to mana bars!

You are not a one man show! You need healers and healers need mana. Pay careful attention to mana bars after 3 types of pulls... the initial, the oops and the we barely survived. This is a nice gauge of how taxing pulls are on your healers mana bar. Also, its a good inidication of how good your healer is.

2) Sunder

If I don't see Sunder, you aren't tanking properly... PERIOD.

1) Taunt

Taunt is used when aggro is pulled OFF you. It is NOT used to gain aggro.

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