Friday, February 8, 2008

What I likes...

K, I saw me friend, the esteemnables Ratshag post as to why he likes being a warrior. Knowing that I in no way can come close to mimicking a Ratshag post, I have decided to talk about my Drood.

What I like about the Drood...

It takes a lot to catch me if I don't feel like fighting. Shapeshift breaking everything is great. Cept that damn Fear crap. Also, the sea lion bit... Yes, you can use it in AB... Yes it is funny.

The lates get away...

I got flight form at lv68 and am a healer. I am looking for groups for Bot and Mech. So I goes to Netherstorm and start to do the Arc chain quest so I can get my Arc Key for Druid. While I am getting packages that the BELFs left lying around... this gnome warlock up and ganks away on me.

K, so when I am dotted I can't turn into a bird.

I am NOT going to fight this lock... I /travel and head off...

Only to see his Warrrior buddy drop from the sky and Charge/stun me. I tap natures grasp and continue running... he gets rooted and then I see the lock just a coming at me on his Netherdrake... sigh

I jump off Netherstorm.



/Flight Form and fly off.

Did I mention the Heals and Dmg Boomking can get away with? What about shifting into cat and hitting Cower?

Did I mention the 6500 crit heal?

Druids are great fun.

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