Monday, February 11, 2008

Druid is 70

Druid hit 70 over the weekend. He went full Resto/PvP spec.

He is now 8/11/42

He is one of the most aggravating opponents in a BG now. I can incompacitate your butt for 10sec minimum.

Here's the recap of annoyance...

Warrior chasing the flag carrier.


Full 6 sec (Musta not had trinket)


Not sure how long but lasted for at least 8 sec ( I cast this to coincide with the ending of Cyclone... he may have stepped 1')


3 sec

By this time he is starting to hate me and I can see him coming with red in his eye

/shapeshift Dire Bear
/Feral Charge

God he hates me

/Stunning Blow

He really hates me


/Travel Form

I am fairly certain he cancelled his account.

K, so tonight I will be in EOTS getting my button layout down for this new spec. Need to start getting the happy macros as well.

Arms and Fury really needs to change to Arms and Resto.


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