Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Asshattery personified

So far I haven’t had too many of BBBs /facepalm moments. I had few here and there but nothing to write about really. This past Sunday, I tanked Utgarde Pinnacle on Herk along with this Pally (Traey from the guild Misery.) Yes, I am calling him out. Feel free to whisper bomb “U @$$hat” at him if you are on teh Hoof. I’ll tell the story of the instance and lead up to the complete asshatery by sharing the little stuff.

He kept leader and marked. I was ok with that because he had been there before and I hadn’t. The pulls were nothing to worry about really. He marked pats which I found odd but meh. It aggravated him that I charged mobs. Listen up, that was old school thought people. It is more than acceptable to charge into a mob for rage or to pull them back with a heroic throw and back up a step and then charge at the right moment.

I will often pull with Heroic Throw and start backing up past the party only to charge ahead of them and hit the mob with charge at the pull back position I wanted them. The rage I get is a happy thing as it provides the DPS with immediate GO GO GADGET DPS capability. Why? Because I have the rage to pull off thunderclap, Shield bash and then back up for the Shockwave.

I have been using the following sequence.

Shield Bash main target
Back up
Demo Shout
Thunderclap (I do this again because I find with the DPS lately that everyone is going to AoE in some fashion)
Shield Block
Shield Bash, Devastate, Revenge or Heroic Strike as they pop up.

If anyone else uses Omen, the highest TPS I have been getting is around 4500 with the low being at 2700. I don’t lose threat. There is on person getting physically attacked and it is ME unless they have a random charge or shadowbolt spread.

Anyways, this ret pally is very partial to telling me how to tank but I let that slide. As long as the healer and I are jiving, I don’t give a crap about your DPS butt and what you think I should be doing. Did you get hit? No. Did anyone else get hit? No. Was there a wipe? No. Then STFU and DPS.

His other thing that annoyed me, whenever he had a chance to fear an undead he did and thought of it as CC. Even with 3-4 mobs on me the healer never lost more than 2k mana healing me unless it was a boss fight. Right before the gauntlet, he says he is calling dibs on the DPS plate pants that drop from Ymiron. I really had no desire for them and I am not sure about our pally healer. The fact remains that there were 3 plate wearers in the party who could use them. I chalk it up to him being a moron.

So we make it through the gauntlet when he starts running into mobs outta of the way and apologizing because he “wasn’t paying attention.” At on point, he ran into a room where we were sitting off to the side because he had to catch up and ran all the way into the room and mobs. I picked up all 7 and immediately started tapping cooldowns to give the healer some time to catch up to what we were about to get into. We didn’t wipe, no one died. Healer did have to drink after.

We get to the last boss and proceed to give King Ymiron a beatdown. At 10k health left I see Master Loot pop up. WTF?! We kill him. The pally loots and guess what? No plate pants for joo!!

I tell him that was a BS move and that I will never tank for him again. He asks what he did wrong? He was distributing loot fairly! Because YOUR pants did not drop! He says, “Well, I am tired of people rolling on their offset. “ Me, “You are a piece of trash.” The healer, “It was BS and I will never heal for you again.” The Pally, “ I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Yes, you did. You meant “I am more important than any of the rest of you whom without I would not have gotten here.”

Middle finger /salute right at ya.

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