Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can I get back in line? I just left for a drink.

I quit playing (again) in January of this year. I get the urge to play sometimes because it is a fun game and I like the fantasy setting. I, in no way, consider myself addicted to it… anymore that is. When I feel the need to look around some, I pimp Ray’s account. My friend Ray is the only one still playing WoW out of our guild. I occasionally log on to pitter around just a touch and look at things I have heard about.

Yesterday, I log on to his account to pitter after making sure he is not online. I look to see if any of the old guild people have been on. Sorry I missed you online Ozzy!. While I look, I notice that Sony’s toons have all been online in the last 4 days.


Did my wife lowball me and start playing? See, Sony likes playing WoW. I’ll go as far as to say the girl LOVES MMOs and keeps a tight reign on her gaming. She even played Warhammer online and lost a bit of time. Ah well, that’s her story to tell. Back to mine…

Her toons are online?! I check to see when her main was online. The toon isn’t even in the guild. Uh oh. HACKED!! I armory her toon and it has been transferred to a different server. Uh oh, her alts have access to the guild bank and my toon, which is guild lead, does not have an active account. Quickly throwing some money at my account, I log on and kick the rest of her toons and check the guild bank (4tabs worth) and notice nothing is gone. /whew

I make a toon on the server that Sony has been transferred to. Her main is actually online! I repress the urge to tip my hand by cussing this guy out and instead call Blizzard. First, I talk to Eric. Eric doesn’t wish to talk to me because I am not Sony. I get Sony. Sony talks to Eric and starts verifying things. After giving him 2 ½ of our original authentication keys and the random mother’s name of “I am Stupid” (Really, don’t ask.) We find out that the account got reactivated 3 days ago. He resets our password but does so before resetting our email account. Moron. He sent the temp password to the hacker! /facepalm

Call Blizz back and talk to a lady who told us what happened and then set us up properly. I log on and change the password to something using every key on the keyboard. Log on to her main and all her gear is intact. This is when I notice her low level lock has been transferred as well! WTF again? Can you guess WoW players? He paid for a bank alt to be transferred. I look on the alt and he has over 5000g and a bit more on the AH. He has been doing nothing but grinding in Sholazaar. We have been hacked by Ni Hao himself.

We now have all of Ni Hao’s AH stuff and gold. Sony left her toon with about 500g on her. No we have probably around 6k total. We read the policy about unauthorized transfers. If they transfer the toon back, it will NOT come back with the gold or the mats. We will pay the 25 to get her sent back and keep all the stuff thank you very much.

A month of WoW – 14.99
Two toon transfers – 50.00
Grinding gold farmer style for 4 days – 6000g

Getting your account BACK from the gold farmer before he has offloaded all his gold and getting to keep the spoils – Priceless


  1. Heyyy! Welcome back, and I'm glad to hear you outwitted that gold farmer! I've been playing my warrior a lot recently, and he's prot all the way; I can't imagine it any other way ;)

    I hope your time away was beneficial to you and your wife and was probably much needed, but still, I'm glad to have you back!

  2. Thanks bro!

    I have quite a few stories to blog about.

  3. Think he'd be willing fer ta hack me account too?

  4. Screenshots of this coming tomorrow. It's awesome to see what Ni Hao did in 3 days.

  5. Thsi is quite an interesting and nice posting I must say. Wish you all the best that you outwitted that gold farmer.

  6. i used to be? hardcore in wow. but you guys actually farm them yourself?
    you should check out