Thursday, November 15, 2007

RP server... finally got some RP in.

RP = Roleplay for the uninitiated.

I had one of the funnest times in WoW last night. I spent an hour in Brill on Herk roleplaying with a new guild who is in the process of getting another guild to join. I had a great time talking in character and deciding what type of character Herk would be.

There were many a duel fought. The guild mage is still really confused why he got owned. Problem is, he was Fire and not frost. Also, he blinked first thing. The nasty mages are the ones who frost nova me and walk away... god how I hate them. I duel our GM because he is a warrior like me. He is Fury for leveling and I am arms and slightly epic'd. I like to see how quickly I can kill him. He was 68 last night and I killed him without losing 1k life. I got crit lucky and OMG I still love the Heroic strike.

I beat a MM hunter in a duel as well. To be fair, it wasn't a dair duel. I had 50 rage when we started and he was Hamstrung the entire fight. He did wonder why his second Freeze Trap didn't go off, but I think he lost the duel at the same time he set it.

Then there was this Shaman in Merciless gear... Ya... it was bad. His lightning bolt hit for anywhere between 3-5k damage. Only once did I get the reflect off and it surprised him. I got him down to about 50% health.


I finished up the Dustwallow Marsh quests. A few of the quests out there are really inventive now. I escpecially like the quest near the crash site where you are charged with melting the oozes with the zapper.

Everyone in Dustwallow had a druid! I counted six of us (Ally/Horde) in one place at one time. I am liking the druid more and more each time I play him. When I play him next, it will be time for Feralas. I have his Leatherworking up to 226 and will be going Tribal. He is 45 now with a 295 skinning. By the time I hit 58 he should be at 300 leatherworking or a little more.

The DPS for Boomkin is amazing. Does anyone know if the Boomkin can outdamage a mage given equal gear?


I know how it sounds... I still concede the war... you win.


Asshat. 'nuff said


Quit talking PvP :p


Where is the love?!

Ironbelly/ Sugars

Flipping paly again already... I need my Ray time. Sorry we missed the trip.


I miss you the most!


I miss you just as much as Hipnatizd!

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