Thursday, November 8, 2007

Warrior fun and PvP Madness

Real quick... logged on late and played a bit. I was gonna do my dailies and some arena. I managed to do dailies and then I did several group quests in Shadowmoon. I am now equally geared for tanking on either Kelmar or Herk. I am thinking about getting a little tanking in on Herk after the patch so I can get a few gear upgrades. I am sitting on about 20k honor and about 1k arena points. Hopefully it will be enough for at least 3 pieves of purple after the patch.

So Herk is starting to do his quest in Shadowmoon and then on to Netherstorm. Elite flying... here I come... again... sigh

I am going to start talking PvP here. I have done some warrior posts about leveling ... sorry about that AP error all! I really want to start getting into the meat of how to take out the other classes and who I should attack when. I will need any and all help I can get.

Hunters: Biggest problem I have with them is getting to them. They trap/ scatter/ keep me at range. Now, it is hard to get a charge off on a decent hunter... they have greater range than I. Even if they didn't, most of the time they drop a freeze trap and dare me to charge into it. I can actually reflect these but needing to have the shield on and already have 25 rage seems a little much. I usually end up walking around it while they pump me full of arrows/bullets. I completely disregard pets.

Once I get to him, I hamstring and start wacking away with the 2H while they kite. Sometimes I have already used Intercept to get to the hunter. Should I always save this? It's not like the hunter can blink, but they do always seem (Hopping for some reason) to get away from me again... or the trap cooldown is up and I get trapped again.

Hunters... Fellow warriors... What are the ideas for Warrior Vs Hunters? What kills?


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