Wednesday, November 14, 2007

31/30 with Heroic, Aerthson the Druid and Blood of the Underworld

Patch 2.3

Personally, I love the changes on warrior trees. I think the make a lot of sense. Escpecially for those who want to solely do PvP or PvE. Fury is now very viable for PvE DPS again. Arms got to cut out the need for Sweeping Strikes... I use SS to level... never even seen it proc in PvP even if I had a) enough rage or b) cast as a freebie. So losing that and being able to put just that 1 point somewhere else was very cool for me.

For a long time I was a Fury/ PvE warrior and I like the changes they made. I really like the Whirlwind Proc from both weapons as this will eat up Sweeping Strikes like mad... I can just see all those numbers floating up. I am a big believer in keep the OH and MH as slow as possible. Some people like to see a fast OH for faster rage generation, but given the new proc on WW I think we will see a lot more warrior go with a slower OH for bigger crits on WW.

Druid changes;

I didn't notice a major differences when playing me Boomkin. I like when I tap PAWS in Boomkin I shift automatically. The other stuff I just haven't noticed effecting me yet. Something I realize about WoW; leveling is a whole different beast than endgame. Something that clearly will not effect your ability to level can become your raison d'etre for bitching at blizz come endgame.

Side note: 44 Lock Vs 44 Boomkin = Boomkin Win ( I still love Warstomp... you can cast it in Boomkin form and makes for a great interrupt.)

Blood of the Underworld

Blood is a new guild I am looking at joining. They are a RP guild, which I like, and will be doing instances/ raiding. I don't know about that whole raiding thing, but I would like to do the Heroics on the weekend. I like to tank and need my fix.

TJ and Noobed... Where is the fight in you guys?! Seriously, my son's toy cars have more grudge than you guys... I want some drama!

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