Monday, November 19, 2007

Mabd owned, Druid got some love and a Pally for Hipnatizd

So ya,

Mabd and I went into 2v2 on Sunday... with a small diversion into 3v3, we did a lot better than what we had been doing.

Mabd has gotten a lot better with his MM abilities. Paladins are, as we speak, getting a group together to hunt the hunter down and make sure he is not allowed to desecrate their class ever again. He really really owned any paladin we came across. There was a small matter of 2 elemental shamans I charged into... I get one down past 50% life and fear bomb them right before I die, which happened quickly. Mabd, on the other hand, kills both of them. THEN, makes it seem like I wasn't even in the match... What a F*%$er!

Mabd and his abuse

It's almost comical, in a way, to play the game with Mabd. He is very disapproving of how I spend some of my wow time, like when I play alts. I like my alts, I like playing the different classes to get a feel for how they play. If Mabd logs on and sees me playing the hunter I usually get either /w Rotok "..." or "hrmm." I think he tolerates the Druid a bit more. I talk about how much different playing the Druid is and he is like "ya ya ya, How's the Scryer's rep on Herk going?" I am not playing Herk through his endgame as much as I had Kelmar because I know I will not be doing any endgame instances for this expansion. So, with that in mind, I wan't to have some different characters at lv 70 for WOTLK.

I keep going on on about the druid because of the utility of the class. I ran Aerthson through Zul-Farrak on Sat. Ended up 2nd in damage (behind another higher level Boomkin) and 2nd in healing. I could also, cc, tank, stealth, buff... Druid may very well be a main for the next xpac.

Hipnatizd is my wife for those new to the blog. She has a 68 priest on the PvE ally server and some alts on the Horde server. Recently, she has come to like playing Hunters. I really encouraged her to play a hunter because the are sooo easy to solo with. Since I thought about Mabd's behavior with how I play wow... I realized I, too, am an ass to my wife when she plays. I usually try and level balls to the wall. Well, she doesn't. So, I tell her I am sorry and please come play with me. She accepted!!!

She made a BE hunter ( She will not play the ugly if teh pretty is there and stats/racials be damned lol) and I made a BE pally ( I have been wanting to play one) and we go to play. About this time, a guildie come across gchat and says he needs a tank for the last boss and they are in the last room now. Can anyone please help? Now, I really need to start listening to my gut and not helping people out in instances, but it is a new guild and I wanted to be helpful. 45 min later, nothing but a repair bill and time taken. Never again!

We played the BE's for about half hour before I had to sleep and it was all good fun.

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