Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Made the Axe... did some sigs... will post something soon.

So if you read Renoobed, I have a new job. I would like to post more but time is always in small quantities here.

Axe is super fun. Can't wait to get gear to match it.

Started getting all the rested XP gone from the alts. Hunters are still fun as hell... Easy mode tho. Druids/ Boomkin style is really really nice... I just don't know how to PvP with it. Mage is fun too... I die... a lot. sigh

What else...

We are sucking at 2v2. We need practice and Noob boy only wants to practice on weekends. WTF?! Maybe he will be nice and use the mage in 2v2 since he plays those better.

TJ!!! Sorry I am not giving you Kelmar love but Horde on PvP is just soooo much more fun. You really have no idea. I am waiting on part 3 of your post about the stalker btw... chop chop.

We are going to see Ironbelly/Sugars this weekend in Texas to check out his new fam with the addition of Xavier (X-man) Deal!

Also, we will be hitting the RenFest with Connor in tow. Hipnatizd made him a kilt! It looks awesome.

I have a small poll question...

Think I should

a) Play Herk til he is epic'd out?
b) Show the alts some love?
c) Show at least 1alt (HealingClass) enough love to get to 70 before WOTLK?
d) Go over to TJ's house and take all her Diet coke!

Laters all

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