Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mabd getting better... Melvin's team... and the druid

So then

Mabd and I had some really good fights this week. I think we are starting to pull 50% wins again after the dread MM switch. Main difference for MM... Mabd will own a pally... even 2 pallys.

Teams we beat


Teams we got owned by...

Priest/ Warrior
Mage/ Lock
Lock/ Warrior
Pally/ Mage

Sigh, we are working on it... not very hard mind you. Mabd's skills are doing much better. Better enough, in fact, that I choose a target and go after and not really think about him much. Unless he yells at me over vent... Yanno, sometime I just don't see the stealthed NELF priest!!! SORRY! lol

Played 5v5 with Melvin's team. Team make up at the start was


and we couldn't kill shit. I was told to follow the other warriors lead and focus fire on his target... I can take instruction most times. So I did. Cept... this warrior will NOT pick a target and charge... he waits... waits some more... then we have no charge cuz we are in combat! Well, I could only take that for 3 matches and then I led the charges/fear bombs. Not once in that original team make up did we kill 1 thing... I swear NOT ONE THING. The mages should have been able to do that themselves... never happened. One of the biggest reasons we were getting OMGWTFBBQ pwned was the other teams had healers... I mean that plural too. Not one of the teams we fought against had less than 2 healers.

After about 5 of those, they switch to their alts...


YOU HAD A FUCKING PRIEST AND SHAMAN and not one of you thought healing would be a good thing?!!?! wtf!!!

After a coupla losses we got into a rhythm and starting getting some wins even against good teams. I had fun tho.

Mabd and I decided to get our 2v2 in just in case we could win a couple. We won both!!! We won big against a Druid/Rogue too. It was 2 really really good matches and Mabd was on point for both. If we played more arena we would get good. Practice makes perfect!

The Druid.

Is getting leveled. I could bust ass on Herk to get him some epics, but I really want to have another toon for when WOTLK comes out. I am having tons of fun leveling the druid as a Boomkin. When the patch comes out it will go very fast for Aerthson since he is almost 44 now. Druid gives me so much more opportunities to play. He can tank, heal, dps... he is also a caster that can get hit on! I need that... really... I do.


If you want your Kelmar back... you need to get Hipnatizd off her ass and tell her to level! How's the fight with Mabd going?! He is talking smack like he owns you.

Thought you would want to know :D

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