Monday, October 6, 2008

New adds and the weekend

The Dogs or War add two new members. Well, Two and Half Orcs to be precise! Damm and Beo both came over to have a bit of fun over the weekend and ended up transferring their lv60s over. They have been great fun. Ozzy and I ran with them through Hellfire Ramparts. I don’t think they got 1 piece of loot that was worth going for but the experience was nice and they got the quests done.

Sunday, I think Noobed and I split up and helped Damm and Beo respectively. Beo and I ran around getting the Cruel’s Intentions line done. An odd thing happened to Beo and I as soon as we hit the Pools of Agrannar, she was hanging way back and I was way forward. I thought she didn’t want to be an aggro monkey. Then I thought she had an afk kiddo. The good thing about playing with other parents is the understanding of the random afk. So I sit there and guard her when I see /p You afk? Erm… No, thought you were? Not me she says. It was some kind of weird server lag that last a little while. Her toon did not show up on my screen where she was.


My god… 100 point drop in rating… I played like crap first 3 games… last ones were just murder. It was a F(*king nightmare. Now Megs tells me this kind of stuff can happen every now and again. Don’t make it sting any less.


He won the fishing tournament on Sun! Booya! No one I know has ever one that thing. Grats bro!

Hit lv 70 on her lock!


Was on vacation but he is lv67!

Friday night I could not win a WSG to save a newborn kitten. I was playing with complete idiots. Saturday morning, I could not lose a WSG. I won 10 straight before retiring for the day. BTW, to Rawrmedic (Dwarf Priest) and Dwarfenator (Dwarf Pally), I started feeling kind of guilty seeing you guys after match 4. Sorry about all those recurring Herk nightmares :D


I am sitting at 40k honor so a little over halfway to honor cap. Question: Has anyone heard if the marks are going to disappear now that we get to keep the honor?

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