Friday, October 17, 2008

Books and specs

I finished reading Drachenfels from this omnibus today. It was absolutely fantastic. You will kind of see what is coming at the end but there are a few really cool moments that I didn’t fully expect. The writing was superb and the characters nicely done for a short story.

I am not sure how they do it but the very best short story writers can display a person for what they are without having to explain why they are and still the character feels three dimensional as opposed to the archtype they happen to portray.

Robert E. Howard was fantastic at this! Conan is portrayed as so many different types that to explain why he was all of these types would lead to a series with a word count that would make Robert Jordan envious. Howard didn’t need the massive arcs for the story to work and yet the arc was definitely there if you were to read the Conan stories listed in their proposed chronological order.

So thumbs up for Drachenfels and on to the next one.

Protection is really as fun as I thought it would be. I am beating people in duels thanks in large part to judicious use of spell reflects. I went full PvE healing on druid spec. Sony and I will be in MC again tonight to try and get her core hound. We almost had him twice but someone pulled prematurely both time causing me to overheal. Tonight he is ours! Rawr!

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