Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Goals... Gonna need new ones for Wrath

Almost time for 3.0 folks and I have work to do.

Let’s see…

Get Noobed a list of Glyphs I would like. As much crap as we give each other, he really helps me out with stuff in his professions. Thanks guy! (This thanks will inevitably be ridiculed on his blog but it’s to be expected.)

Get Herk’s Cooking to 375 so I don’t have to send everything to Aerthson. Update (got this to 372)

Get Aerthson’s fishing to 375. Currently 360

Play with talent calculator more for my Arena Arms spec (Seriously, quit laughing. It is not my fault Blizz has f(#ked the warrior for PvP.)

Play on PTR with the Prot spec some more (Least you got this right Blizz!)

Hit honor cap. Currently at 45k

Hit mark cap. 99 AV, 45 EOTS, 30WSG and 12 AB

Help Damm and Beo level.

Lets talk runthroughs and Noobed. We do a Blood Furnace run in record time last night and he is bored. I chain pulled the entire instance and he doesn’t drop below half mana and never drinks. This is the same guy who through a fit about me not sword and boarding Ring of Blood. Then we have to run back to Ramparts for Garglamar and I chain pull the boss and adds and he is still bored.

Noobed, unless we are in a Heroic or some such, you are hereby put on notice to shut up about me strapping a shield on for help me quests.

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