Thursday, October 2, 2008

It never fails with Noobed

Guys and gals,

If you liked the Dune post about Dodger, he added some stuff to it on his blog. Including a pic of why he reminds me of Dune. Go check it out.

Before Noobed gets to you people…

I tried out the Prot spec via PTR on Herk last night. I had been mostly playing Arms and Fury because… Look at the blog url for God’s sake! That being said, the buffs the finally put into Prot are very welcome and very nice. Prot + DPS like a Feral for a warrior tank?! Whoda thunk it?

Now, I hit the PTR in my full scrub Arena Gear and went sword and board. After I got past the mosh pit of duelers 20 declines later, I hit the zep for a ride to Undercity and went to Stratholme. Nothing there could bring me down except that unlucky chain pull of 9. Other than that, I cake walked the place. Tapping the new and much buffed/talented Thunderclap netted 500-600 dmg to everything around me. Revenge hits like a BRICK now. Shield Slam is a rocking.

I start looking more and more how I would play prot in PvP and realize that YES it might actually work. This to that… the DPS is much better and the tanking is still sick cept for that 40 sec CD on shield block now. Overall, I am very happy with the prot stuff and could really see myself leveling prot for the entire expansion. I’ll be back on the PTR tonight to actually try out some duels and BGs. I’ll give an update tomorrow.

Now, I log on to regular realm and talk to my peeps. Ozzy’s bro Keprin joined Dogs yesterday! Welcome Kep! Glad to have you back with us. So I start telling the peeps about the new Prot spec and how it really is spectacular.

Here come Noobed!

“I told you that already DAMN it!”

Flashback to 2 months ago

Noobed, “I hear they are going to buff prot and it might actually work for PvP.”
Arms, “I heard that too but won’t believe it until I see it though.”


Noobed, “You never listen to me! I told you!”
Arms, “They hadn’t buffed it yet you tool! How the F*&K are you running on at the mouth that you told me?!”

Blizz can talk a good game but I don’t get excited about something until I play or see it in action.

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