Monday, October 13, 2008

Patch tomorrow and QQ fest in progress.

So tomorrow is when ArmsandFury goes Prot spec. I have been playing the prot Spec on PTR and wowza fun! It is by far and away the better completed of the 3 trees for a warrior right now.

What’s the problem with Arms? Look 33/28 was about burst damage while keeping MS up. Going deep Arms wasn’t that much of an option for arena because the burst you gave up for more rage which was supposed to give you… more burst didn’t work. The same problem again… you have to go deep in Arms and you don’t get anything but Bladestorm which is STILL crap Blizzard! I have to have control over my F($king toon. Blizz won’t let me Taunt another player because that player should be in control of their actions… sigh Blizz sigh.

The other problem with Arms is that they are making you damn near stay in Arms. If you want to base Arms tree around Rend and bleed, make rend available in Berserker stance! Arms should not = Battle Stance and Fury = Zerker stance just to have Blizz claim we can still stance dance. Grrr.

Fury is nice tho! Well, sort of. Until you start hitting on people or mobs your level or greater with Titans Grip and you start missing with all those burst abilities. You will not be able to effectively burst while in Fury unless you gem for max hit cap. You will have to pray your debuff of healing is on target instead of having the steady MS rotation. So hear is your DPS warriors, you wear plate for survival except you can’t survive longer than a rogue! What? We don’t have the CC options of rogues, we do less damage because of the TG hit chance, we have no evasion that allows us to still DPS while surviving (Our DPS is gimped to hell if I sword/board through a shield wall even if it is now on 5 min cd.)

Now, for grinding or leveling… both trees are massively fun. Bladestorm is a hoot to light up after gathering mobs and taping S strikes, retaliation and then Bladestorm is just warrior nastiness. Can’t you just do that in arena? Can’t! Warriors are to easily Crowd Controlled. You may be able to get it off on the unexpecting but soon it will get old hat to see me start spinning and simply move outta my way or CC me

Fury leveling/grinding is just as fun. You are really kicking the snot out of stuff and your misses do not count like they do in PVP. Another thing to think about when you start off PvPing after patch is the following. Most toons (Read: any toon under 17k Hit points) simply do not have the Hit Points to keep up with the new abilities in damage dealing. It makes the BGs much more frenetic and frantic though which is fun for a while but will get old very very soon.

More QQ to follow

Paladins should not be OUT BURST DPSing a warrior. PERIOD. I can not bubble/heal/stun in my DPS mode. Let’s run this list down here. Both wear plate, both can tank. I am fine with them being every bit the tank a warrior can be because they can’t really heal themselves while doing and they can’t bubble during it. They are using their mana to get aggro like I use my rage. What about in PVP? Both wear plate, Pallys now have higher controllable burst damage than Warriors, Pallys can still bubble/stun/heal if needs be.

Warriors have no Burst damage any longer as Arms is designed for Bleed style and Fury has an enormous hit miss gap. Do you see the utility problem here Blizz?! What is it that I am capable of doing better than a pally now? Where is my niche that they can’t uber own me in? Anyone have an answer for this?

Look it the trees. Arms = DPS/ Fury = DPS/ Prot = tanking for warrior. Then you got Pally with Holy = Healing/ Prot = tanking/ Ret = OMGWTFBBQPWN DPS while still being able to bubble/ heal and stun. Tell ya what! Why not give them a healing debuff!

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