Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Patch time

I admit it! The patch has me excited! For Arms and Fury trees? SHUT IT you!

I am actually looking forward to changing my Dwarf’s hairstyle because I have had him the longest and it is time for a change. The Dorf will be fun to mess around on because he is on a carebear server and can go happy little Bladestorm or Titan’s whenever he wants. I will be experimenting with him quit a bit.

As for Herk, he will be the awesomsauce that is the updated Protection spec! I look forward to frustrating Allies at every flag/tower or cap they try! I look forward to tanking instances for Dogs of Rawr while still being able to grind dailies for G. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be doing anymore arena until lv80. I can get the 38/23 build and continue on as normal and I might just to pick up the S4 pants but meh.

Aerthson has the options tho! With the spellpower change, he can go either balance or resto. I will be trying both out for fun.

Now, I know Herk is first to 80. I am really thinking Kelmar is 2nd and Aerthson last. Of course, we probably have 2 years before we see anything else and shouldn’t I have quit playing by then?! Seriously?! Who knows? As long as I am having fun and am not “addicted” to it then I don’t see the problem.

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