Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gym Archetypes

So I have been in the gym for about 6 months now and have noticed several archetypes. Here are my observations so far.

The skinny guy doing too much weight.

This guy will try and bench press 165 because he used to be able to do 135 back in high school and he must have gotten stronger since then right? After lifting the 165 off of his chest, he asked for a spot so he could try again. Oo

The lean guy doing too much weight but using bad form.

You must have seen this guy before at least once. This is the guy who is doing 165 on the lat pull down and hooks his feet under some plates as well as his knees and proceeds to wrench his back backwards using all his body weight to lift the weight half as far is it supposed to go.

The teenagers who resemble the Jonas brothers and don’t take their hats off.

They exist. The perturb me.

The teenager who is a lot more fit than you.


The old guy who is a lot more fit than you and grabs the 50lbs to bicep curl.


The lady who is a 3 in the face and a 10 in the body but works out in the guy section doing the laydown hamstring curls.


The screamers

No matter what they are lifting be it 2lbs or 200lbs, they must scream when lifting.

The runners

The people you see there and all the do is treadmill. They are very serious about it too. When you look at the mileage it is at least 10 no matter if they started 5 min ago.

The pregnant lady.

Sure she might be 8 months along but she is in there kicking ass. Most of the time these are not the 3/10 ladies but the 9/9s. You KNOW why they are pregnant.

The “my doctor told me to get some exercise or I will die “ peoples.

These pop up sporadically and are usually the morbidly obese. You see them on the treadmill staring daggers at the “runners” next to them if they are 10 min in. Anymore than that and they are too tired to look at anything. Oddly enough, these people give me an immense amount of motivation.

The “greek god aint got nothing on me!” guys

One word: Chiseled

I have more but need to get back to work.

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