Friday, October 10, 2008

More Books

So like everyone else who reads the blogosphere having to do with WoW and what not, I read a lot of books. I am not doing that list of what “banned” books have you read. I have read some of them but meh… other people have answered that post. Let’s talk about the everyman’s books and the greats you can find.

Note: Noobed reads tons. He can read much faster than I and maybe as fast as my wife. Since I have known Noobed going on 12 years now (How have I lasted you ask? Breaks!) he has recommended a few and they will assuredly make this list of mine. I am going for stuff that I am reading now as well as throw backs to yesteryears and staying simply in Sci-FI/ Fantasy/ Horror realm. I will go in no particular order and will not vouch for entire series runs.

Necroscope – Brian Lumley
The Eye of the World – Robert Jordan
The Lions of Al-Rassan – Guy Gavriel Kay
The Black Company – Glenn Cook
Neuromancer – William Gibson
Tigana – Guy Gavriel Kay
I am Legend – Tim Matheson
The Dark Tower – Stephen King
The Mis-enchanted Sword – Lawrence Watt Evans
Deed of Paksenarrion – Elizabeth Moon
H.P. Lovecraft Short Stories
Robert E. Howard Short Stories (Conan imparticular)
Elric – Micheal Moorcock

Well, there are ten for you. I need to be able to look at my books on a shelf to get a better idea but those are standing out right now as some of the best I have read over my 18 some odd years of reading the stuff. Kay actually made it on there twice. I remember these books vividly.

I have just read Gotrek and Felix Omnibus 1 and I really dug it. It was close to Howard’s writing style with the grit, grime and hopelessness for the main characters. I have started on The Vampire Genevieve set in the same Warhammer universe and really like it as well. Anybody besides Noobed read any of these or have some more suggestions?

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