Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scourge Invasion


I had a whole lot of fun turning into a zombie, killing zombies and running for a healer when that timer got down to 1-2 minutes. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to do the Doom quests as much as I would have liked. Every time I was on and would go to do it; 5000 other people had the same smart idea to do it as well. I was not getting up early to do the event because while the gear was not half bad, it was more sidegrade than upgrade.

If I was going to make time to do it, I should have done it on Kelmar who could’ve really used the happy gear. I have been splitting my time on Kelmar and Herk learning the ins and outs of Fury and Arms respectively. I really see why Blizzard decided to nerf the debuff (is that oxymoronic?) that comes with Titan’s Grip. Kelmar is in 70 rep blues and dual wielding Crystalforges. He has about 1500ap unbuffed. He hits fairly hard IF he hits. That 15% miss on specials is a beast. Looking at recount, the miss rate for Kelmar was at 17% for my 35min on the isle.

Side note: I managed to catch BRK online. He was surprised to see me and asked if I remembered how to play a dwarf. I snorted at him but got no response. It would almost be worth it to level Kelmar first just to beat him with the new Prot spec. Have you encountered the Prot spec that can beat the BM hunter yet BRK?

Herk, on the other side, is bleed happy and will rip through the isle in 30-40min depending on PvP gankings and the what not. He doesn’t miss. He obliterates. Even the frost mages have to be wary. If I am at a full rage bar and can hit Recklessness and get an Execute proc, they are dead Popsicles walking.

BGs are still pretty interesting. I am dying to go back to Prot for a little while but the way Blizzard changed honor given makes it a no go for right now. I like the fact that you can get decent honor for a WSG (About 700 with top damage and some flag captures) but what about the prot warrior stunning people? What about the skills the healing/damage numbers don’t show? Gonna keep grinding honor as Arms for now because retaliation + Bladestorm in the middle of the ally flag attempt = honor points.

Herk is sitting at 62k honor and will be at 75k honor for Wrath. I still plan on leveling as Protection just to hit up all of the instances with ease. Nothing will level you as fast as instance running and I plan on doing a lot.

I am not planning on farming honor on Kelmar but he will be my second toon leveled. What can I say… the only thing better than one warrior is two. Also, having them on two different sides means I get to see both sides of the story. Blizz is trying for a better Alliance leader in Varian Wrynn. No on is going to take Thrall’s spot but Varian might carve out a place of his own. Alliance side really needed that too. I likes ye Magni but that whole crying over your daughter thing? Sigh.

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