Thursday, October 30, 2008

What's in a name?

As I will be playing the dwarf second this time around, I have not been grinding grinding grinding like I have on Herk. I want to get the dwarf to at least 1k gold and am not really worried about gear. He is in Blue rep gear which will be fine and fun to replace. I am also finishing Sony’s last two levels on her priest. I am not quite sure if she is sworn it off all together because I know she likes to play healer and is damn good at it.

Question for you on the internet! I need help picking out a new name for the Dorf. Currently it is Kelmar which is an amalgam of my real name Kelly Martin (cwhaIdidthere?) The following are my new choices that were not taken and that I have saved. I am going for something Dwarvish in nature btw.


I am leaning towards Brewhammer.

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