Friday, October 3, 2008

Weightloss Update

I am holding steady at 242. I plane on losing 10lbs this month. I need a lot more cardio with my weight training and diet so I am planning on start 2 days starting Sat. I am going to do cardio in the morning 30-45 minutes and weight training later in the day. I am closer to my goal of 1 rep max of 315 by the end of the year. I am able to bench 215 10 times which puts me in the 1 rep max of 300 range. I need to be able to push 245 10 times to go for 315.

Pant size is a very loose 40. I call them comfy, my wife calls me a plumber. It looks like it might be time to go for a loose fit 38. 38 people! Haven’t seen that since college! Someone told me I looked good in the pants I was wearing yesterday and I was quite happy about it! I couldn’t reciprocate cuz the lady was wearing a bright gold outfit which reminded me Bunny Wigglesworth’s final costume in Zorro the Gay Blade.

If I can hit 232 by the end of the month, it will make 50lbs in roughly a year. I am still looking to hit 220 by the end of the year so I definitely have some work to do. I need to give you guys some pics. My wife has one of a really really bad belly pic… sigh.

By the way, go ask Ozzy about the Huntard who ganked us last night and his ensuing deaths.

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