Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend part 1

Wow, I had a busy weekend for feeling like wet toilet paper. So Friday during the day my cold or whatever is in full swing and I can’t swallow without it feeling like razorblades can’t breathe out my nose and my eyes feel swollen. Also, it was my wife’s bday weekend so things are not looking great at this point.

Friday night, the ladies of Dogs (Sederasha (my wife) and Strovia (teh DcOe) hit the isle for some much needed G! Those alliance folks were very bored and 2 whole guild were trying to control the isle. It was very rough on us. We corpse ran more that night than in a whole week. Well, there is this NELF druid who stalks the isle name o Decapitated. /wave Decapitated. He really isn’t that bad of a ganker just your normal jackass and all. Him and Aerthson have faced off several times and I think we are still hitting about 50/50 on each other.

He part of the gankfest that was the Dogs’ bane on Fri night. Low and behold if we don’t see him killing a Shadowpriest. See Teh Ozzy The problem was these two were “dueling.” Ok, first off, you are dueling in the middle of the isle o death and expect people to leave you alone? Second, you are in a guild that’s main purpose in the game is to be hated by the Alliance and you go and spot us for them?! /salute Deathsenemy from Polymock for being a prick bastard! Sorry we interrupted your duel with your ally friends. One more thing, I ain’t your son and S2 shoulders were just as scrubbalishes as mine.

While this going on, my temper is just rising and rising. I keep getting /w from Deathsenemy with the whole “son” crap. Renoobed is /w with his whiney yet insulting “You aren’t talking?” No, I am FIGHTING MOTHERF(*&$KER give me a sec and quit /w bombing me too. “That’s what you get for going to the Isle of Death cuz you suck.” 934 death of the night happens and here it come in RL… “F(*K YOU PUTER!” /w from wife “Don’t do that! The baby is sleeping!” /guiltridden. I hadda log.

Hey Turtlemilk,

Do you know you got peeps in your guild spotting for alliance? While this might not be a big deal, from when I have played with you it just don’t seem to be your style.

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