Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I was going to keep reviewing the talents trees... til they changed again... sigh

BTW, I went on vacation to Destin, FL. The wife and I brought the boy and played on the beach. NO sunburns!! Woot! We are back and having the usual fun again.

We got Sony her Epic Flyer thanks to some 1kg help from Sugars. Sony owes him that and just realized it last night. She finally returned to her dailies.

As for me, WoWinsider just posted that I will not be taking any badgs, honor points or arena points with me which makes it time to level something else since my wife won’t let me play Warhammer.

I float back and for between my mage (Frost) and my shaman (Enhance). I think leveling the shaman is more fun for me and being able to DPS or Heal will certainly get me more groups in Outlands. He dinged 50 last night so he might actually make 70 before xpac.

Short one.. but meh.

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