Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bogarter of Warp Burgers and Being beat by a Warlock

Dodger is stealing Warp Burgers from the Gbank! We have plans to stop him… more to come.

Sugars beat Herk 2 out of 3 last night in duels! How you are asking yourself? Well, every time he has “wanted” to duel me he rips a new trick I haven’t seen. The last time he beat me in a duel he phased the Imp! I charge the imp and after 2-3 hits was like wtf?! Now, locks don’t phase imps in PvP I think but as a duel tactic, it worked once.

Sugars new trick was sticky glue and netherweave nets. Say it with me everyone! Warriors hate CC!! Also, he had another trick I had not seen. His succubus which I usually eat first if he pulls her out went invisible on me. WTF? I thought it was phased and kept on Sugars until the Succubus got a charm on me >.< Then I had a net thrown on my butt.

Grats to Sugars on great tricks! You are learning bro. Can you repeat it after I have thought about the counters is the question!

On an even happier note than a lock beating a warrior, we upgraded my wife’s computer and she no longer lags anywhere. Not on isle, not in shat, not on tile and not on a bat. She is very happy. Now, we have to get her an epic flyer cuz I know she will make the gears changing noise if she gets it. Really who wouldn’t think a flying manticore thingy isn’t funny sounding like a Hayabusa?

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