Friday, September 26, 2008

Rock out with your lock out

Sugars don’t get enough respect sometimes!

Here is a screenshot of him rocking a WSG. The problem with me giving him proper props most of the time is simple… I just do not know locks well enough. As a SL/SL lock, I mostly notice when his fears are resisted as opposed to how much DPS or help he is at other times. Sorry about that guy! Taking a look at this pic tho will give a good impression of him doing some of his very own pwnage in a BG.

He is around 80k DPS more than the other top! Which means he is doing his dot job rather well because I can’t tell you how many time I have seen locks run past allies and not dot them up. It happens often. I mean even if you are running past a warrior fighting an ally and you are going for the flag… DOT the ally! Geez

He also rocked a flag return. Of course, him being at 14k life probably did not hurt anything! Truly, I have not seen him run a flag when I am with him cuz I play a warrior and a druid… most times I am flag runner ya see.

Sugars and Herk gonna put some PAIN on wrath when it comes out. Also, we have one nasty group guild. If we are all online questing together we have…


In other words, unless your whole guild is there… leave us the F*#$ alone and let us quest. Take that back… you just need to run cuz my wife doesn’t let an ally pass without becoming a pincushion.

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