Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Why Guilds get people killed on PvP servers

I will go back and add the kill shots when I get home. Here's the story tho...

So I am questing in the Hinterlands around a big pyramid. I am there to kill Scalpers and some such. I see this Warrior who is 1 lv above me and figure it is a good time to test Warrior Vs Warrior skills. I charge! We fight, I am winning when his Lv 70 mage guildmate one shots me with a spell.

I run back and rez. No mage in sight, but I decided to go back to questing and WHAM this warrior hits me in the back. We fight, I kill him. He rezzes, bandages; I charge and kill him again. After which I see his guildmates scouring the area. I had up on a mountain and the warrior finds me and charges, we fight some more and he is dead again. Thinking that he has given the coordinates to his guildmates, I log for 5 min and play with my son. I log back in to see him questing still with no one in sight.

Now look, normally I don't camp or chain kill, but this guy has his guild on my butt and he is the same class and 1lv higher. I think if it is this even of a match and you decided to play on PvP then you know what's coming. You should NOT have your entire guild coming and trying to kill me because you think I am camping YOU?! I'm being camped!

After the 5th or 6th time he has died and his guild is still looking for me... he rezes and I see him bandaging... screw him... I charge... 7th kill! Then I finish my quest and leave the area.

Moral? If it's an even match... let nature take it's course and leave the guild out of it.

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