Monday, July 16, 2007

Whew... someone asking for BRK kinda advice

Hey Kelmar,
BRK's word is like law to me, and if he trusts you then so do I. I wanted to shoot a question to you. My main is a warrior and I have been really struggling to see ANY sort of DPS on him at all.

I have spent more money on respeccing and weapons than I care to think about, and am completely flabbergasted by anyone who says their DPS warrior is near the top of any dps charts.
I just re-specced to a fury heavy build last night and was appalled to see 96.7dps.

My lvl 40 hunter can do >100dps pretty easily, as can my lvl 40 rogue.
What am I doing wrong here?

My AP is near 1000, I have AH green weapons, but they are better than any quest rewards I can see. I spam bloodthirst (formerly MS) any time I have rage....
I just don't think a -20+ lvl character should out-dps me. Any suggestions?

Well then, here's my advice...

When I was doing PvE raiding in BWL, Yes! I know it's old! Anyways, back then I would jack my Str as much as possible. Str = AP

However, getting the short end Warriors only get 1 to 1 ratio. So, you have +400 Str!!! Rawr!! You still only get +400 AP

Crit is also another factor in determining all over DPS. Anything in the 28% and higher range and you are not too shabby. I once had Kelmar's Crit at 41% but I had to sacrifice a lot of Str and Sta for that.

Also, for Warriors, your weapon counts for sooo much. If you want to do raid style DPS then you have to be geared to the nth and that gear needs to be enchanted. Now then for the questions...

Which enchants? What attack pattern? Which spec?

Spec is easiest so we will start there.

Fury= PvE Dmg single target.

Arms= PvP Dmg and multiple targets.

We have out DPS'd BRK by pulling 4-5 mobs and letting them fill us with Rage and tapping Sweeping Strikes, Whirlwind, Cleave, Cleave, MS, Whirlwind, Cleave, Cleave... you would not believe the amount of numbers you see flying off your screen. Warriors can indeed take mega punishment because of our Dmg Reduction. You add a priest like TDCoE and you are indeed a nightmare.

Arms is great when you are DPS in a group that already has a tank but really only shines if you pull multiple targets and lite everyone's fire. This can get a bit hectic for healers, make sure you have a backup plan like a pot and bandage often to take some of the stress off.

Now that my stint on Arms is over...


This is the build I was using when I went Fury. Fury is meant for Single Target/ Dual Wield DPS. Personally, I think Rampage is a waste and blizz needs to fix it or find something else. I understand that is more AP but at the cost of the other talents you can get I think it is crap.

After this build, I want you to try a new attack pattern.

Welcome to the Stance Dance

Warriors who really rank up there in raid DPS constantly "dance" between Battle and Berserker stances.

Thing to remember about stance dancing. DO NOT switch when you have over 30 rage ever! You hit MS, BT, Slam, WW or Heroic Strike but don't waste the Rage. The only time it may be conceivable to switch is when you have just tagged BT, WW is on cooldown and Overpower has proc'd, then you switch and tag Overpower.

Attack Pattern

Charge, Rend, BT / MS, Berserker, Bloodrage, WW, build some Rage (Always stay in Berserker when building Rage because your crit is higher and you take more damage which will also give you more Rage ) Overpower when it procs, if everything is on cooldown and you have Rage you spam a little Hamstring and see if you can get Overpower to proc a little more.

Lastly, Improved Execute and Recklessness. If you are DPSing a raid boss, when he hits 19% you can literally go Berserk on him. When you see the boss getting close to that 20% mark, you build your Rage to 100 and then you tap Recklessness and you CRIT EXECUTE that mother. Also, save you Bloodrage at this time too, so you can tap and CRIT EXECUTE him again. Then you drop a Mighty Rage Potion and CRIT EXECUTE him again. Then you crit a bit more and keep spamming EXECUTE when it is up.


Highest DPS is main hand
Lowest DPS is off hand

Not too hard eh? But what about weapon speed you ask? I would put off hand at about 1.90 to 2.30 if you can manage it. Don't listen too hard on that tho... I dualed Deathbringers from Ony for the longest cuz they hit hard.

To sum that up again...

Fury for Raid Single Target
Arms for Instance (Non-tanking) DPS

Enchants? you ask

Savagery for 2H

1H? Personally, I say Str > Agi but I have had both.

I would like any constructive criticism and keep the flaming to a minimum.

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