Monday, July 2, 2007

Devil Theory

Function: noun: a theory of history: political and social crises arise from the deliberate actions of evil or misguided leaders rather than as a natural result of conditions.

So, along with the wife to be and my best friend, I have started a guild on Lightninghoof. I wanted to make our own tabard which I am redesigning when I get home and I wanted a place of my own. The guild will be very small and focus on endgame PvP and fun.

I have ran my own guild one time before. Trust me when I say that running a raid guild is time consuming to the point where it is a hassle and keeps you away from you family.

I am thinking that if I can keep this guild small and friends only that I can avoid the problems of having a big raiding guild.

Any of the readers are welcome to an invite tho.

Anyone else have any experience with small guilds of friends only?

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