Thursday, July 5, 2007

More fun with bad players

I was taking out ogres again in Feralas when this Druid who is 2 levels higher than me decides it is his day to gank. He waits until I am fighting an ogre to hit me from behind.

Now this Druid is not on his game. He is 2 levels above me at the time and stays in cat form the entire fight. Druids... you can NOT stay in cat form and fight me... I will kill you! Druids dodge more in cat form which means... OVERPOWER! Cats have less AC( read: Damage Reduction ) which means MORE WHITE DAMAGE. Druids are a hard fight only if they switched to bear and keep healing themselves. Cat form is like a Rogue without the ability to sap/stun. Rogues without these abilities are my FOOD.

Lesson for the day... if you hope to kill me little druid, you need to wait til I am almost dead or you need to be a lot better at playing your class.

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