Monday, July 2, 2007

Stranglethorn Vale

As anyone who plays on a PvP server knows... Sat night... STV?! = MADHOUSE!

This past Sat night was no different. There was so much gankage you could barely walk out of Booty Bay without getting tagged.

Here's my story...

A BE hunter complains in General that he is getting ganked right next to the opening of Booty Bay. Well, he couldn't be that close or the guards would help him. Being the good Horde that I am, I go to help him out. I get there in time to see his latest ganking by a lv45 Dranaei Shaman and a lv39 Dranaei Pally. I charge in and get some more added help by a mage and a druid who happen to be passing by. Problem solved right?

Erm not so much...

The problem isn't the allies so much as this BE hunter who standing ON THE ROAD so he can not gain aggro by moving into Mistvale Valley to kill his gorillas. OMG! I wouldn't be able to resist either if someone was sitting there in the middle of the road!

As I am killing the gorillas too trying to get an aged sinew, I remain in the area. Well, the allies are there for gorillas too and I end up spending the better part of 15 min paying for the defense of my moron BE hunter. I was killed 3 times by the above Shammy, Pally and a Rogue they managed to find... stupid Gnomes!

They eventually leave me alone, but it still rankles that they killed me so much. I go back to killing my gorillas when a bit later I see them again. I don't see the Rogue and fairly certain since they are already fighting that she isn't there.

Now, how does a lv 44 Warrior kill a lv 45 shaman and a lv39 Pally? Well, you get the gorillas to help of course! These two were on the last part of Stranglethorn Fever trying to get the Heart of Omokk. Anyone who has done these quests knows that you fight wave after wave of gorillas until Omokk appears. I wait... wait some more... and there is Omokk... when Omokk goes in, I charge 3 seconds after. I kill both of them and run off.

Cowardly!? Hell no!! It's called tactics!

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