Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Something to tide us over...

I have not been playing much over the last coupla days. (See last post)

However, that doesn't mean I can't write some stuff.

Let's see

BRK is his usual self. Some good posts to read over there.

I may have to link to Temerity-Jane from here cuz I normally get to her through the DcOE. TJ is apparently flashing poor bike messenger guys... which could get interesting so I will need to read her site a bit more.

My co-worker has yet another "friend that is male" whom she will not be sleeping with! Riiiiiighhhhtttt!

Also, I have been reading up on my Forgotten Realms books. I have not read any in 4-5 years so there are quite a few trilogies that I am behind on.

Haven't read Potter yet. I know what happens cuz knowing just doesn't spoil the reading process for me like some fickle people :P

I need to get together a table top game for Forgotten Realms. Should take me about a month to get a good game going. Something in Sembia that goes thru the Dalelands and into Cormyr should be fun. Maybe Halruua... Not sure yet.

Also, need to catch some movies. Once again, need to see Potter. Is there anything else out there any good?

Alright laters all

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