Friday, July 27, 2007

4 days all totaled

So our friend at work is single... I'll name her Miss Elsa.

Now Miss Elsa is a fun, outgoing and sincere (if slightly clumsy) person. I like her a bunch cuz she is funny and lets me pick on her... which I am about to do ... Blog style! Woot!

Miss Elsa, as I said before, is single and looking. The fun thing to do with Miss Elsa once she starts talking about someone at work is getting a betting pool on how long it will take for her to bed said person. ( We get bored here folks... we have cubicles)

Her latest conquest took 4 days. Apparently, she knew said guy in high school. Now 4 days is a decent time frame for the 25- 20 yrs old. I won the pool on the 4days by the way.

Now, people might think I am picking on her because I think that is too fast... erm No! We are grown people here... at least age wise... and I think 4 days is long enough to have found out through some detective work whether they are a) diseased b) gonna be any good and c) whether they are getting too attached.

While contemplating Miss Elsa's habits... I had a thought... I think those in same sex circles soooo do not have to worry about being thought of as "fast" or "loose."

I mean guys are guys... If I was a guy who liked guys... do Guys really worry about such things as feelings and talk? or is it easier on them?

Are girls worried about getting it on right then and running out the next morning?

Is this a gender issue or a sex issue?

Let the comments begin...

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