Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rogues and Hamstring

I have a great friend I play with on Lightninghoof. He has multiple characters of all classes. The man knows his WoW. Imagine BRK... for every class instead of just Hunters. No, I am not joking. He can't really get behind Warriors too much tho. His favorite classes are Hunters, Mages and Shamans. I really don't know which he plays better but his mage is freaking deadly!

I was talking with him the other day about Arena game plans for when Herk hits 70. I like to get my info from the European Forums as I can actually read those at work. Moving along, I am telling him about a post about an Arms warrior doing Raid style damage and how he does it.

We are talking about how this guy has hit attack pattern set up and where he adds Slam to it. He adds Slam like I add Hamstrings against Rogues.

If I have extra Rage, which I always do, I spam Hamstring on Rogues in PvP situations. Why? OVERPOWER! Rogues dodge like cheerleaders on speed. Keep spamming Hamstring and your Overpower will always be ready to use when not on cooldown. If you have Improved Overpower, you can just chuckle to yourself when a non-hemo Rogues decides to gank you.

This technique can be used on, Rogues, Kitty Druids, Monkey Hunters... I wouldn't waste it on other Warriors as we don't Dodge THAT often.

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