Friday, July 6, 2007

Missing posts

Sorry everyone,

Things have been crazy at work and I have not had the usual time at home either. Time for the blog is running scarce. It will run even scarcer the closer I get to the wedding date. I promise to write the posts I have meant to... I owe For the Pie 2 now. I owe Verrel one. I promise to write these posts.

In an effort to not make it look like I own everything in WoW. I got my steak frozen yesterday by an ice mage who knew exactly what he was about. It basically went like this...

He hit me while I as killing a mob, I kill mob, turn and Intercept, Frost Nova (damn but knew it was coming) Frost Bolt (Very nice damage and I am slowed and still no Intercept), Sheep ( He waits until the time for the sheep is down to 2 sec... see he knows what he is about!) and the Frost Bolt again ( More Nice Damage!). Finally, Intercept is back up, I learn so is his Frost Nova... Cone of Cold and there goes my 2700 HP. I was owned by that mage... he clearly knew his spells, timing of the spells and he had +dmg gear out the hoo haw. Sigh...

Nice to fight the good ones tho... let's you start formulating plans around them. Anyone out there got some comments on fighting Ice Mages that KNOW what they are doing?

BTW, not that it helps but he was 2 levels higher than me.

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