Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mace spec?!

I will freely admit that I have never before tried the Mace spec in the Arms tree. I have used sword and axe and the recently updated pole/axe specs. You see... I like to see CRITS. One can get very addicted to CRITS in WoW. In fact, I will from now on write the word "crit" like CRIT because that is what they do to me.

I love seeing the hit at lv 49 of an execute CRIT of 1108. I know... it's overkill tho! The mob already has less than 20% health and it doesn't really matter cuz it only had 200hp left but I still like to see it jump off the screen at me. CRIT!!

Now that I have that out of my system...

Mace Specialization
Rank 5
Gives your melee attacks a chance to stun your target for 3 sec and generate 6 rage when using a Mace. More effective than Mace Specialization (Rank 4).

As anyone who has played on a PvP server knows... 3 secs is a lifetime. It's and extra swing with almost any weapon, it's almost another Pummel or Warstomp, and it gives some Rage to boot.

So why the post on Mace? Cuz I managed to buy the below for 40g :)

Taran Icebreaker

Binds when equipped
91 - 137 Damage
Speed 2.30(49.6 damage per second)Durability 120 / 120Requires Level 47
Chance on hit: Hurls a fiery ball that causes 180 to 220 Fire damage and an additional 36 damage over 8 sec.

I am not sure yet because I just have not played with this enough... but I suspect... Mace > Axe.

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