Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fury and still tank?! Gets you the ladies!

Dear Mr. AndFury,
My main is a hunter, my alt is a warrior. I have been playing my warrior
very casually, but came across your blog via the venerable BRK. My warrior
is lvl 32 and I primarily have been soloing PvE. I respecced to Fury
primarily based on your advice.

So far I like it.

I've got some buddies that I run with who have now brought alts up to
my general level and we would like to run some instances. So my question is this: do you have
particular tips or tricks to help make my fury warrior an effective tank?
I'm assuming you are still going to tell me to equip a shield and spam
sunder, anything else I should know? Is there secondary gear I should keep
on hand for instances? Are there some talent points that I might want to
invest in that are good for Fury PvE, but can also be useful for tanking?
As you can imagine, I have no interest in respeccing purely to run instances
right now while my main focus is still PvE and gaining levels.
Thanks for any advice you can pass on,


I hear ya bud!

I tanked as Fury all the time and honestly you can be any build to tank 5 mans non-heroic. The big thing you need to make clear up front is this... I AM NOT A PROT SPEC WARRIOR!

Your group needs to learn how not to pull aggro by not DPSing multiple targets. I still need to write a post on multi target tanking but it is basically like this up to 4 adds.

You put a Skull on the main target you are going to focus on sundering. When you engage the mobs, use your happy stuff like Demo Shout, Thunderclap, WW (if/ when you get it) and then slide into defensive stance and start the sundering a la single target tanking that I mentioned a coupla posts ago.

If your group waits until you give the word... you are GOLDEN! If everyone hits their own mob at whatever speed they want... they have NO idea why they wanted a tank to begin with so you don't have to worry what they think/say.

This would be the case even if you were PROT spec. Prot spec allows for greater ease of tanking for you and the healer, but the concept and attack patterns are comparable. Prot spec warriors can just as easily be screwed on their tanking by having their part turn a pull into the F'ing Wild Bunch.

So attack pattern for 4 adds or more is roughly this,

Charge (If you can) or Pull with gun. Tap some Bloodrage goodness and get the basics in like... Thunderclap, Demoshout, WW (for extra add aggro) and then Sunders. If you have all 4 adds hitting you, Rage will not be a problem so you can toss in some Cleaves or Sunder an extra target.

Also, when tanking this many, it is acceptable to get Sunder up to 3 and switch and get some more... DO NOT try to Sunder all 4-5 targets but 2-3 is good when you get the hand of it. Tanking multi target is truly one of the most challenging and fun aspects of tanking, but remember it is also an art.

As far as gear goes...

You should already be maxing out +Str and +Sta with Agi if applicable but not at the expense of the former two. Str = +Block and Sta = Hit Points.

Toss on a shield and a nice 1H and you are ready rock for the ladies.

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