Thursday, May 1, 2008


So I am/was very much subject to the WoW weight gain. I think in the 3-4 years I have been playing I gained roughly 10-15lbs from WoW playing. I then gained another 10-15lbs when my wife was pregnant. Now after awhile I noticed that the pants size I had to buy to be comfortable was entirely too big. In January of 2007, I quit playing WoW for a good 4 months. This was done for several reasons not the least of which was me being tired of being obese.

I have enjoyed weightlifting from High School on. I am not a bodybuilder by any stretch, but when I get in the mode to go workout I do turn into a gym junkie. I managed to work out for about 4 months straight when I just burned out. Going to the gym or weightlifting after a few months really takes a toll on the body and I was pushing hard. When I started out lifting weights, I realized it had been 3 years (the amount of time my wife and I had been dating) since I worked out or lifted weights on a regular basis.

I was weak. I was silly weak. I could not bench press 135lbs more than a couple of times kind of weak. I used to bench (realize when I say bench and it’s a high number I am talking about my 1 rep max) 245lbs. There was a huge obstacle to overcome here which was my own disgust with what I had let happen. I kept pushing and eventually got my muscle back and more besides then the wedding happened.

About a month before I got married the stress of the wedding stuff got to me. What did I do? Yup, I quit working out. /sigh

So another year goes by, I am playing WoW again, and again I start to feel the weight creep back on. What was I doing?! I had lost almost 2 pants sizes worth of weight and I was just going to pack it back on? No way!

I have been working out now for 3 weeks straight and have started doing 2 workouts a day. I am doing cardio in the morning before I have anything to eat so I have to burn fat to keep going and then I weight train in the evening. It is not the easiest thing to find time for lately. My wife hurt her back and has been having a hard time getting around. The easiest time for me to go is butt crack of dawn early when they are both asleep which is hard for me to do. I am not into the waking up early, but I am beginning to see the benefit of it.

I have decided to keep up with my weight and progress on this blog so I know where I am and where I was at. Hope everyone enjoys the weight loss countdown.

Weight 260lbs
Bench Press 245lbs
Curl Bar 95lbs
Squat 750lbs
Waist 40” snug.

My goal is to have 30lbs gone 3 months from now. Lets see what I can do.

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