Thursday, May 15, 2008

Living in Louisiana

We get storms here in Louisiana. You may have heard of a little one called Hurricane Katrina? Yesterday I get a call from my wife and she says that instead of hitting the gym I should come home because a nasty storm is incoming.

I look outside of the office building and sure enough it is Wizard of Oz time out there. I head home like a good husband/father so that I can look after my family. Now, the rain started when I hit the interstate and sweet monkeys!! I could barely see to drive. The flooding came quickly after. I have the wipers going full blast and it still looks like I am in a carwash instead of rain. Of course, as I start getting closer to home, the power is out.

I get home and see my son on the phone making sure all his friends at Noggin are safe. They are. Apparently, they don't live anywhere close. We shuffle around and open up the blinds a bit to get light into the house and then wait and wait some more.

I eventually get hungry and me and the kiddo rough it with can of tuna, bread and some goldfish. Now, this might be a meal for some but the last thing one wants in a storm with the power out is crap food out of a can. It was raining too hard to hit the grill up.

I start reading my books as my father in law is entertaining the boy by opening the door and look at the storm. He does this a lot. It really entertains him if there is a big storm and he can open the door without getting the house flooded to look at it.

A few minutes later, all hells breaks loose and I hear people freaking out. Since we are under all sorts of watches (i.e. Tornado, Nasty Winds, occasional flying cow) I run up to see my father in law standing in the front doorway with a shotgun pointed out of it. "Looters already?!" I ask.


In case you were wondering, there are about 4 million people in Louisiana roughly and about 90% of us are armed. Yes, we will shoot right out the front door.

Now, either my father in law is the best shot ever or lucky as hell. I look out the door and the thing is missing its head from about 20 feet away. I ask, "Did you blow him in half or did you get his head?" He didn't know. Now the thing is... you have to finf the things head. It's still poisonous and you have to be sure no one steps on it and what not. I throw my shoes on and head into the rain. As I get closer, I notice something is really off about this snake. Sure it's raining but it has no scales it has a slick... hrmm... I think he did blow its head off though because I can't find it.

Looking closer I realize that it is not a snake but an... EEL!!! WTF?!

What is an Eel doing in the yard?! Wow... strange storm. Still no power at the house. Hopefully, it will be back on when I get home tonight.

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